Provider of System Solutions for Decorative Stone

Business CooperationMeet the high demands of different clients, Take mutual win with our clients as the goal.

Focus on high-end stone curtain wall

Shandong UMGG Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd, branch of Universal Marble & Granite Group, is a solution supplier of curtain wall stone products integrating development, engineering design, fine manufacture, installation and construction and counseling service into one. The company is located in Laizhou, the manufacturing base of Chinese granite. Based upon own mines and companies in Dongguan, Fujian, Shandong, Tianjing and Chengde, Shandong UMGG Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd radiates over the national market.

It is the largest, most advanced and powerful stone processing enterprise in North China, and it has various international leading stone processing equipment and many large-scale decorative stone production lines; it has computer machining center, computer water-jet cutting machine, computer cambered polishing machine, NC full-automatic polishing machine, PC-controlled line profiling machine, NC diamond wire-saw(namely wire saw), fully automatic cubic adhesive compensated line, etc, which are currently the most cutting-edge processing equipment in the world. Most of production equipment are introduced from Italy, Germany, Japan, etc., meeting various stone curtain wall engineering requirements.

Upon strong technical force and professional service team, UMGG Curtain Wall Co., Ltd makes bold attempt and continuous innovation, such as the circular column with shell parquet in UAE Shaikh Abu Dhabi Mosque, the full-relief outer wall and sculpture of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sixth Pharm Plant office building, inverted cone giant circular column in Beijing Anfu Building, the inner arc water-jet parquet of Shanghai Expo Centre, all of which have been masterpieces in Curtain wall industry.

Sticking to the development strategy of professionalization and with advantages of advanced technology, first-class quality and elaborate service, the company is rooted deeply on stone curtain wall industry and has successively undertaken some famous projects, such as Beijing Yintai Centre, Beijing Guangcai Centre, Jiaming Centre, Anfu Building and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sixth Pharm Plant office building.

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