Provider of System Solutions for Decorative Stone

System Solutions The world's Leading Provider of System Solutions for Decorative Stone.

1. In-house marketing service department

UMGG sets up in-house marketing service department, and the department is consisted of senior designer, engineer, technician, quality expert and other professional staff, accounting for 10% of the total staff. As per project requirements, it can design stone effect picture and installation drawing for project, and assist construction unit to technical setting out, and guide installation on site, as well as deal with abnormal conditions, such as chipping, corner breakage, fracture and photometric damage. In a word, UMGG will assign experienced and skillful technicians in each step for design, sorting, processing, stone material protection , installation guide, to provide meticulous cooperation and caring service.

2. Comprehensive marketing service system

Pre-sales service: Design stone effect picture; technical setting out; provide installation drawing.

In-sales service: Technician offer cooperation and installation guide on site; product quality inspection service.

After-sales service: Product replacement and maintenance; quality tracking; 24-hour after-sales service hotline; regular visiting customer.

3. After-sales commitment

If any question about quality or service, please call our special service line: 400-876-1986. We will reply and offer solution within 24 hours. If any problem occurred on installation site, we will handle the problem caused by stone itself free. In case that the products are unable to repair, we will offer replacement. If any quality problem occurred after installation, we will also provide after-sales service, and only charge basic service cost, such as material fee, travelling expense. No labor service fee will be charged.

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