Provider of System Solutions for Decorative Stone

System Solutions The world's Leading Provider of System Solutions for Decorative Stone.

Scientific Stone Installation and Maintenance Service

UMGG sets up professional service team, devoting itself to providing scientific and professional stone installation and maintenance service.

It strictly controls every step of maintenance from the design of product maintenance plan, selection of maintenance material, professional and careful processing to caring after-sales service. With synchronous progress in safety and decoration, it takes professional and normative maintenance and protective measures to stone with advanced scientific technology and methods. Besides, UMGG contacts clients actively to ensure every product to present natural luster enduringly.

UMGG initiates an antifouling production line exclusively in the world, using imported “Sicong” repellent from the USA to paint stone and treat the finished products with six-face soaking protection streamline method, making sure that stone absorb repellent completely, thus eliminating the drawback of less absorb dose and realizing comprehensive effective protection.

UMGG sets up Shandong UMGG Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd, which is a solution supplier of curtain wall stone products integrating development, engineering design, fine manufacture, installation and construction and counseling service into one. UMGG Curtain Wall owns professional installation team, mature technical and scientific procedure, and strictly complies with national standard, to both guarantee ideal appearance effect and provide safe and reliable product and installation.

 Stone Installation and Maintenance Service
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