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Explore Stone—Universal Journey

——--Communication Activities of YCDA [Theme] Top designers all have deep recognition of materials Stone is one of the most important materials As elite, you must have many doubts Join in YCDA, explore the universal On the afternoon of June 28, “Explore Stone: Universal Journey—Communication Meeting of YCDA” was held in the head office of UMGG in Dongguan. The principals from Guanzhou Fei building design, Sun & Partners Incorporation, Turenscape, Win-land Architecture Design, Shing & Par ...

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State on Counterfeiting Operation of UMGG

After nearly 20 years operation, Universal Marble & Granite Group (UMGG) has obtained recognition of wide customers and becomes the leading enterprise in stone industry, with its superior product quality and well-deserved reputation. Recently, it is discovered that there are lawless person using our company’s influence in the industry, counterfeiting the name and websites of our company, or illegally labeling as the sub company, production base of UMGG, or taking other ways, seriously vi ...

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The First Private Placement Bond in Stone Industry Fell in UMGG

The First Private Placement Bond in Stone Industry Fell in UMGG █Core clew The first private placement bond in stone industry fell in UMGG. The private bond of UMGG issued and underwritten by Citic Securities was listed and issued in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with issuing scale of 150 million and issuing period of 2 years. Roundup by reporter Long Huigang according to Stone Magazine, Dongguan Daily, Dongguan Times, Dongguan and The first private placement bond in stone ind ...

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UMGG Participated in China Xiamen International Stone Fair 2014

The 14th China Xiamen International Stone Fair was grandly held in Xiamen International Convention Center from Mar. 6th to 9th, 2014. Universal Marble & Granite Group once again shocked the city with the splendid vision made by its stones. This Xiamen International Stone Fair had total exhibition area of 166, 000 ㎡, set 8,600 international standard exhibition booths. 2000 enterprises from 54 countries and areas in the world participated in the event in Egret Island, with over 130,000 domestic a ...

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