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About Us UMGG has been consistently focusing on the stone.

UMGG has been successively titled with “China Famous Trademark”, “Famous-Brand Products in Guangdong Province”, “Well-Known Trademark in Guangdong Province”, “Quality Award in Dongguan”(the 1st session quality award of Dongguan government, which is rated and awarded by Dongguan government), being the only one enterprise with such four honors in the same time in the stone industry of Guangdong province. UMGG won the title of “National High-Tech Enterprise” Four times respectively in 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018.

Entrusted by National Building Materials Bureau, UMGG has chiefly edited a serial standard of Shaped Decorative Stone, filling the void of shaped stone processing standard in China. The standard was approved and implemented in March, 1999. UMGG dedicated itself into the sound development of Chinese stone industry and has undertaken several national professional research projects and participated into drafting and formulating 29 national and industry standards, such as Natural Granite for Building Slab, Natural Mable for Building Slab and Testing Method for Natural Facing Stone.

UMGG has won several “Luban Award” which is the highest award in Chinese Building Industry. In addition, it is also the company wining the most Huabiao Cup Superior-Quality Stone Decorative Engineering Awards and was titled with Preferred Stone Supplier of Chinese Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises.

  • China Famous Trademark

  • Famous-Brand Products in Guangdong Province

  • Well-Known Trademark in Guangdong Province

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

  • Quality Award by Dongguan governmen

  • Drafting Committee of Complex Veneer of Super Thin Stone

  • Drafting Committee of Natural Stone Mosaic

  • Drafting Committee of Natural Granite for Building Slab

  • Patent of Invention: Processing technic of three-dimensional dome for large stone

  • Patent for utility models: Natural stone composite board

  • Patent for utility models: Fully automatic stone sewage treatment unit

  • The honorable title of The Father of Special-shaped Decorative Stone

  • Supplier of the world’s top 10 brand hotels

    Supplier of the world’s top 10 brand hotels

  • Top 100 enterprises in Chinese building decorative material

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